Location: White Bay, Peter Island

Today started just as the rest of the trip had been so far, everyone sitting around awkwardly, not knowing how to break the ice. Breakfast was a completely silent meal and you could count the amount of words said on two hands. However, things improved exponentially when we left the dock and everyone realized that they were stuck on this floating fiberglass box with each other for the next three weeks. I think things really started getting on their way to looking “ship shape” when we all worked together to raise the main sail. The weather was beautiful and perfect for sailing. Once we arrived at Peter Island we finally got a chance to go in the water. This was long overdue as it had been so close but so far for the last day and a half. After completing the swim test, we finally got to go on our first dive. I think people’s attitudes towards the trip really changed after the dive finished and everyone was laughing together before dinner started. Dinner was a massive contrast to breakfast in that everyone was talking and getting to know each other better. Today was really the first day of proper ActionQuest and I think the future sounds even better.