Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Today we woke up and had Evans birthday brownies and cookies! We cooked them the night before. We also had scrambled eggs and fruit. After breakfast, we sailed to Ginger Island. Once we got there, we had a fun dive at a site called Marios. The dive was 30 minutes long and we saw a pool of squids and two triggerfish. Once we were done, we had lunch, which was sandwiches. Then we sailed to Savanna Bay, when we got there we anchored. The water was clear and shallow. So, we all decided to swim and some of us were doing flips off the boat and a bunch of us put on masks and saw coral and sea cucumbers. After dinner, we cleaned up and had a dive chat. Special thanks to the chefs today: Ashley, Moriah and Devin, for such great meals today.