Location: The Bight, Norman Island

We all wake up, super exhausted from not getting any sleep at all the night before. It was six in the morning and we started to stuff our pillow with our sheets and get ready for the day. After that, we were called for a meeting. We sat on the amazing catamaran waiting to see what was going on. Then Mike came out and gave us all a huge speech. We all loved it. Then we headed to the market to get some snacks and ice cream before our departure out to sea. After we were all packed up we headed out on our adventure filled summer. I was helming the boat, I made a smooth turn out of the dock and set sail for diving. We headed out all prepared and excited, soon after leaving we heard DOLPHINS!. We all headed to the stern of the boat and saw them! Next the dolphins left and we sailed for about two hours to the dive site. As soon as we pull up to the mooring and Ashley shouted TURTLE! and from that moment, we knew that we were going to have a good day. Next, everyone got dive gear and got ready for the dive. My dive buddy helped me suit up and then we were in the water. The dive was mostly drills. We then broke down our gear and got ready for dinner. Ashley and Oliver then made supper. It was delicious!