Location: West End, Tortola

What an amazing three weeks we’ve had aboard the vessel Shazam. We’ve watched our 10 awesome shipmates grow into fantastic sailors and divers and we are so proud of what they have achieved and loved sharing this unforgettable experience with them. Our three Dolphins did an incredible job on their project investigating the effect of nitrite and phosphate concentrations on hard corals and algae growth. Soleh did an awesome job of collecting data whilst Aiden lead the dives by setting transects and laying quadrats and Maggie and been using her underwater photography skills to capture photos of their quadrats. Their data produced some great results and all their hard work paid off with their grades landing them at the top of their class — good job guys! Our Neptunes Sky and Conrad have been gaining certification after certification, enjoying wreck dives on the Fearless and Wreck Alley where Lane came face to face with a ginormous southern stingray! Our Rescue boys have been enjoying putting their skills into action with some in-water scenarios – practicing their response to unconscious and panicked divers. Their teamwork during this has been great to see with Ben practicing his rescue breaths, Taylum taking care of setting up the O2, Diego taking the lead, coordinating the group and Tommy assisting with water exits. Well-done boys!! I know Marina, Oscar and myself have thoroughly enjoyed sailing and diving with all 10 of these students and will be sad to see them go! Shazam has become home for all 13 of us and the friendships built and memories made will for sure last forever. Congratulations on all your certifications and we hope to see you back in the BVI soon!