Location: West End, Tortola

I write this with a heavy heart because at this time tomorrow, I will be going home. While I could spend this blog asking for more time at ActionQuest, I would much rather think about all of the great memories I’ve created on Shazam. I remember coming here being so nervous: will I be able to survive living on a boat, will I make friends, will I have fun, etc. The answer is yes to all of these questions. I’ve had so much fun here from my Dolphin work to chill with my new friends. There are too many memories to reflect on and write about, so I will instead reflect on today. We started off with an awesome dive at the Indians. It was a good way to end our dive trip! Then we cleaned the boat for a few hours and spent a few hours in West End. We got lunch and shopped. After I write this, we will shower and then go to the final BBQ. Then we have an early wake up and travel home! I’ve had the time on my life here, and I’ll never forget ActionQuest or Shazam!!!!