Location: West End, Tortola

We woke up and had cereal for breakfast. Then I went with Jess to the skipper’s meeting and learned where the race would be. I also learned the rules of the race. Then we dropped the mooring ball and headed to the start line. Next the race started. I was on the helm for the start. We were fifth in the line. We had some trouble with sail trimming but finally got it. We rounded the mark just ahead of Squeaky Brat but didn’t have much luck. We crossed the finish line, furled the jib and dropped the main. Then we headed back to the West End dock. We packed while we motored and clean. Then we had lunch onshore and town time. We took dock showers and had a magical closing meeting with Mike and BBQ with all our boat family friends. I’m going to miss my Caribbean Soul boat family, but am excited for adventures to come.