Location: West End, Tortola

We began the day in the Bight at Norman Island. Today was race day. It was amazing how everyone worked together to sail fast and get fourth place. This is a big improvement from our last race. Thanks to David’s helming skills we stayed on course the whole time. Santiago did an amazing job on the jib sheets. I really enjoyed spending some time and sailing with everyone. The race ended at Peter Island, and then we motored to West End- AQ’s home base. We did some cleaning on the boat to get it squeaky clean as it was when we arrived. Then we had some shore time. We all ate lunch together at Pusser’s and then got ice cream. Everyone had longed for ice cream because the last time we were at West End it was closed. We returned back to Squeaky brat and took the AQ flag that had been flying on the backstay all session. We divided it into pieces. All the pieces together make up the whole. This has been the model of our boat throughout the trip. I’m really going to miss all the good friends I’ve made now I’m off to closing BBQ
I’m thankful for being able to come to AQ. This place has meant more to me than just watersports. The bigger picture I’ve learned is that everyone comes from different backgrounds and AQ has created a really strong community that brings people together. We’ve learned and bonded so much together. The struggles we faced, we overcame together. Everyone is feeling a bit down about leaving each other, but as soon as someone mentions a reunion, we realize this is not the end, only the beginning of new friendships. Thank you AQ and our staff David, Casey, and Annie. You are all amazing.