Location: The Bight, Norman Island

For me, I woke up at 6am and lay on the midships before the rest of my shipmates woke up for the day. This morning we had a breakfast of pancakes, fruit, cereal, and milk. Today was our last day for waterskiing/wakeboarding, so I went waterskiing. We motored out in a dinghy named Bolt. We got to waterski for about 45 minutes. After waterskiing, our boat was doing back flips, front flips, cartwheels, and cannonballs off the port side of Squeaky. There were a lot of Go Pros so hopefully there will be a lot of cool videos of flips and dives. After a thirty-minute swim session, we put up the jib and motor sailed to the biggest city in the BVI, Road Town. Because it is Sunday a lot of the shops were closed, but we got ice cream and lunch on the harbor with some of the shipmates from Lady Aubrey. After we departed Road Town, we set off for Norman Island. On the way, we played games as an entire boat, such as Guess Who and Mafia. We are about to have cheesy pasta and tomorrow is July 4th. Happy early birthday USA!