Location: West End, Tortola

Today was our last full day of the trip. We started off the day with our final scuba dive in the Indians. It was so much fun, and I saw a ton of cool things, like a huge stingray. Our day was then followed by arduous cleaning. We needed to get the boat in tip-top shape for the next session! All of us worked extremely hard to clean up our mess, as we divided and conquered. Groups consisting of 4-5 people were assigned specific duties, such as deckying, cleaning the heads, cleaning the cabins, and cleaning the saloon. After a few hours, we were finally done and had a well-deserved lunch at West End. After spending the day at port, we got ready for our final BBQ dinner. This BBQ was probably the most enjoyable because you could tell that everyone was cherishing his or her last night with each other. Although the trip felt as if it began yesterday, I still believe I learned so much in such a short period of time; I will cherish all the memories and friends I’ve made at Action Quest forever!