Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

With a late start and a relaxing sail, Second Wind and her crew made their way from GHP to Wreck Alley. After spending some time with Matt, Jess, and Oscar in the power tower learning about sailing the boat around some “rocky obstacles,” I was ready to begin our dives for the day. As the Dolphins dove off Second Wind to begin their explorations of Wreck Alley, the Neptunes set up their gear and made their way to Spindrfit II for our final wreck certification dives. As we dove in to see the Beta wreck for the first time, as well as practice tying out wreck lines around the outside of the wreck, I couldn’t wait til the afternoon when we would actually get to explore the inside of the multi-level boat, and finally, finish our wreck certifications! Joining back with the Dolphins for lunch on Second Wind, I could see they were just as excited for their dives. The Neptunes made their way back to Spindrift, and with a Navy Seal back roll into the water, we descended once more to the Beta wreck. Journeying through the wreck, although a bit dark and nerve-wracking, was incredible and an experience I’ll never forget. Now sailing back to GHP, I know that it has been a day that none of us will forget.