Location: West End, Tortola

Early in the morning, I woke up everyone in our crew to start this incredible day. Breakfast was quick, and everyone was anxious for the upcoming race. After untying the mooring line, we hauled the main up and set sail to the start line. While we jibed waiting for other boats to arrive, we suddenly passed right through a very big gust of wind. This caused us to have a problem with our mainsail, which prevented us from racing, but we handled the small problem pretty well because even though we didn’t race, we got to bake and eat a delicious cake. Cleanup was one of the longest parts of the day. We had to leave the boat in very good shape for the next session’s shipmates, and so we did. At first, it was pretty rough to get all the dirt and sand out of everywhere, but right when we were done with that, everything got much easier. As we arrived at West End, we ordered a delicious pizza for lunch. Finally, we got to go into town, which was very fun. I took the time to buy gifts for my family and friends. After walking around stores and restaurants, we hopped back on our boat. The last day BBQ is tonight, and we’re going to get to see all of our friends from other boats. Today I’ve really realized how this amazing trip has changed many things in my life. For example, I feel much more confident being in close quarters with eleven other teenagers. I really enjoyed this experience, and I’m really happy about all the great bonds I made with my shipmates and instructors.