Location: The Bight, Norman Island

Today was a day of incredible experiences! We woke up bright and early at 6:30, and we cleaned up our sleeping areas on the deck. We had cereal for breakfast in the cockpit and talked for a while. After breakfast we had a chat with Mike, the director. We talked about how we will each get outside of our comfort zones and grow as individuals. Next we got ready to sail to Norman Island for snorkeling and a swim test. After pulling out of the dock we put the mainsail up and learned a lot about how to control our boat. Today my job was skipper, so I got to control the helm for a little while. It was incredible to control our entire boat in my hands. When we arrived at Norman Island I couldn’t believe how blue the water was. After our swim test we flipped and jumped off the boat to swim for a while. We watched for turtles, and so far we’ve seen four! We snorkeled inside of a cave and in the water and saw a lot of interesting underwater life. After an eventful dive we showered in the ocean to clean up. It’s only day two and we’ve all become better friends, learned a ton of information about sailing, and seen the incredible waters and views of the BVI. Tonight we’ll have our first scuba chat, and we’re all super excited to dive. It’s been a great day and we’re excited for more.