Location: The Bight, Norman Island

Today was the perfect opening day of camp. We started off the day by waking up to perfect weather and no rainstorm from the night before. Our morning meal was served and we had a lot of different cereal brands to choose from, along with fruit. We finally left the dock where I got assigned job as skipper and got to drive the boat along with assistance from Jake and Emma. The further the boat got from the dock, the more beautiful and clear the water seemed to get. After about 45 minutes, the boat finally arrived to a different island where we got our first chance to jump into the ocean. We then did a swim test, which was 6 times around the boat and also trading water for 10 minutes. Then we got to have free time in the ocean, later in the day we got in a dinghy, which took us to a different boat for snorkeling. Once we received our equipment, everyone jumped in and got to explore a cave where you could see all the fish on the ocean floor. I didn’t see any sharks but I saw the biggest and most colorful fish I’ve only ever seen in pictures! Once snorkeling was over, we showered and ate dinner.