Location: The Bight, Norman Island

Today was really fun! It started off with a delicious breakfast that consisted of cereal and fruit, along with a big glass of water to stay hydrated. Since we were still at the dock, we untied the lines. Then Captain Kat drove us till we passed a few boats, then passed me the helm so I could drive. At first, it was a little bit complicated, but I caught on pretty fast, so that helped a lot. When we reached our destination, we had sandwiches for lunch, then got our gear for snorkeling. After we got our gear, we all jumped into the ocean to start the adventure. When we snorkeled, we had a great opportunity to go into a cave. In the cave, we saw tons of fish that were all different shapes, colors, and sizes (besides the schools of fish, of course). Outside the cave, there were a few coral reefs that consisted of a lot of different fish. At last, we made it to our boat so we could shower off. Then we got ready to move to our anchoring spot for the night. When we anchored, the girls went to the bow, and the guys went to the stern. There was really no reason to split up, but it was cool to have some time just to get to know each other better. I already feel really close with the other girls and also close to the guys. Even though it is only the second day on C-Storm, it seems like we are all really close, like a big group of friends on an adventure together for 19 more days. It definitely has gone by quick in the past two days. I can’t wait for the memorable days in the future!