Location: The Bight, Norman Island

Today we woke up in the marina. Some people slept in hammocks, but I slept in the cabin. We had cereal for breakfast, then met with Mike with all of the ActionQuest people and discussed the trip in detail. I was the skipper today, so when we wanted to leave the marina, with the help of Cooper, one of our leaders, I steered our boat out. Then we were en route for Norman Island. When we were farther away from the marina, we set up the sail and speeded towards the island. Then we took the swim test, which was six laps around the boat, and then a ten-minute water tread. After we passed, we went to a snorkel boat, got geared up, and started snorkeling in caves. We saw lots of cuttlefish and a bait ball with thousands of fish swimming very close to us. After that, we had our first ready “BVI shower” by jumping in and out between soap, shampoo, and conditioning. Then we dried off, got changed, and motored to The Bight where we moored. We had sloppy joes for dinner with corn, salad, and mashed potatoes. We cleaned up, then we went to a scuba meeting and then to bed.