This morning, around 7, I woke up to very pleasant chats with my new friends. About half the boat was still asleep and it was a beautiful morning in the BVI, with the rain from the middle of the night. We had breakfast, cereal and some fruit to tide us over to lunch. Before lunch, we went on our first sail off the dock for about 1 hour. Once we got to our destination we took our swim test, thankfully everyone passed. Once we all finished the test we were able to jump in all we want. We all got in the crystal water until we got a confirmation to go snorkeling! Two trips were made to another boat to get our gear and get in! I forgot to mention that it’s Bella’s Birthday today! We were all in our snorkels and were ready to get in the water. There were many fish and coral, and we can’t forget sea urchin! Once all done we come to the boat for our first sea shower! It was an interesting experience, but it worked! Dinner, Sloppy Joes, was very good with a tall glass of water. Since its Bella’s Birthday we all surprised her with cookies! So I am looking forward, we are looking forward, to a great fun time at ActionQuest!