Location: The Bight, Norman Island

Today we woke up after a little bit of a sleep in! We threw our PFDs on and left Peter Island for breakfast underway to Salt Island. For breakfast, we had cereal. When we arrived, we went ashore to go for a short but fun hike on Salt Island! We were literally walking on the same salt that the Queen eats, and the views were great. On the hike, we got a great sight of the dive site we dove afterward, the RMS Rhone. This was the final and best dive of the entire trip. We swam through the propeller at the stern of the wreck, and some of us also got to see the bow. It was really rocky, but it was amazing! For lunch, we had some delicious Ramen noodles. Everyone wanted seconds. After lunch, we all took our final sailing exams! We were all nervous, but we did well. After we left Salt Island and came here to Norman Island. We anchored, and our chef team, Arie and Sam, made dinner. We had cheddar broccoli pasta with a great salad. Our staff had a meeting while we ate, bonded, and started to clean up. Right now, we just finished our squeeze and are about to have our closing boat meeting. It was a great day, and I had a great time diving and being skipper!