Location: The Bight, Norman Island

Today started with an early morning wake up call for everyone on Catalinaville. We all were woken up a 5:50 in the morning for our last rescue scenario. There was one panicked diver and one unresponsive diver. Hudson took on the panicked diver like a champ getting him safe and sound to the boat. While Jeff leaped into the water to rescue the unresponsive diver. We passed the scenario with flying colors and were all ecstatic. Then the chefs immediately started making pancakes while we motored over to the Rhone Anchor mooring ball and moored. Some of us chose to dive the Rhone Anchor while others decided to water ski and wakeboard. The dive was one of the most entertaining dives we’ve had yet. We never actually found the anchor, but we still had fun messing around. After the dive, we compressed tanks and then motored over to Road Town to go to shore. We had lunch at Road Town for an hour, then quickly dinghied back to our boat to get ready for the dive side race. We all put on our PFD’s and game faces. At the beginning of the race, we were trailing in second place, but unfortunately, we were beaten by Great White and got third place. Everyone had so much fun helping during the race while blasting music. We moored at the Bite after the race with all the other AQ vessels. Then we took freshwater showers and began packing up our bags. We all participated in a boat tour video then enjoyed broccoli cheddar pasta, biscuits, and brownies for our last meal on the boat. Now we are writing cards for everyone on the boat. Everyone is so sad to be leaving, especially me.