Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

After another night in GHP, we woke up to a quick breakfast of cereal and began our sail to Cooper Island. The entire day was semi-overcast, but that did not stop us from enjoying our beautiful day. Everyone, decked out in flash tattoos, set up our gear to splash into the water for what we all thought was going to be a fun dive. Yes, it was fun, but we were all caught off guard when Meelz appeared unresponsive. We had another scenario to take care of! The crew of Catalinaville handled the situation almost perfectly. Adam, the exhausted diver, was brought to the boat and asked questions. All-the-while, Emelia was “unresponsive” and brought back to the boat for CPR and emergency oxygen. We killed it! We had some delicious tuna salad and chicken salad for lunch before we hopped back in the water for the next dive of the day, Wreck Alley. Appropriately named, Wreck Alley consists of the kissing wrecks, a tug boat, and a barge. On the dive, we swam past a stingray cleaning station and saw a small nurse shark. After surfacing, we got Catalinaville 40/40 for our sail back to GHP. Some people studied for our rescue exam while others took the usual nap on the hardtop. Back in GHP, we showered and had breakfast for dinner. Now we all get to take the test. Wish us luck! Wow, time is really going by fast, and we are all having a great time.