Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

We woke up today at GHP, Great Harbor Peter, and had a two-hour sail to Cooper Island. We then had a dive in Wreck Alley. We saw 4 of the 5 wrecks. 2 of which were touching. After that dive, we came up for a yummy lunch of navy bean soup. We cleaned up and the Dolphins and Neptunes shipped out to Great White to dive the wreck again. That was a diversion for what was really happening beneath our own boat, Shazam: a scenario for the rescue divers. They didn’t see it coming! Marina and Pippa pretended to be unresponsive and panicked divers. They did a fantastic job of “saving” their lives. We then came back to reunite with the rescue students and sailed of to GHP once again. We showered and ate a fantastic breakfast for dinner and had an amazing guest, Jess, from Ada! This evening is jammed-packed with Dolphins doing their presentations while the rescues and Neptunes are taking their tests. We will all go to sleep to wake up and do it all again tomorrow! Shazam!