Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today was a pretty relaxing day. We got up at around 6:30 and got ready for the day. We had breakfast on the way to West End, which is where it all started. While in West End, we got a couple of hours on shore, which was great. We got to talk to our parents and most of us got an amazing breakfast at a little cafe. Afterwards, we jumped back on our boat and had an amazing and relaxing 2 and a half hour sail to GHP. We got to GHP, and then we set up our dive gear. After we got set up, we had an amazing dive. On my dive, I had to navigate and I didn’t get lost at all! We all got back on the boat. We then motored to the other side of the bay. We then had a relaxing couple of hours, in which most of us studied, but it was still pretty nice. Then we had one of our best dinners, which was Mexican night. Now everyone is cleaning up and then we all have some time to study for our tests. Shazam!