Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

This morning we woke up to a plentiful breakfast of cereal and an early morning sail to wreck alley, which is nestled between Salt and Cooper Island. We sailed from GHP across the Drake at a pleasant 6-7 knots. I enjoyed sitting up in the power tower with Marina and Peyton. Once we moored, we set up our dive gear, and after our dive briefing, we entered the water. For the Neptunes, we had our third wreck cert dive, while the Dolphins did their last research dive. The Neptunes learned how to run a reel on a wreck. After pumping tanks, we entered the ocean once again for our wreck penetration dive. Dolphins had a fun dive in the afternoon. When we were finished, we pulled out our jib and flew back to GHP. We had a very relaxing sail back. Upon returning, we took saltwater showers off the back, as the chefs prepared breakfast for dinner. Now the Neptunes are preparing for the final cert exams as Dolphins prep their research project presentations. All in all, today was amazing.

Peace and Love from Surprise