Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

We had an early morning sail to West End. Breakfast and smoothies were enjoyed while exploring the shops. We sailed out of Jordan’s beautiful docking and headed to Great Harbour, Peter. We all ate our sandwiches we bought at the port because we ran out of peanut butter. Once we arrived at GHP, the Dolphins had a research dive, and the Neptunes had a fun dive. We enjoyed a relaxing afternoon basking in the sun. Alex’s jokes and Ethan sarcasm seem to be a reoccurring trend. Right after showers, everyone was relaxing when we spotted a huge Manta Ray off the side of the boat. Everyone got to jump in for a SECOND time to swim alongside the beautiful creature. Kai (Mike’s son) joined Surprise for dinner, where he taught a few of us how to make the perfect burrito. Alex put way too much hot sauce in his burrito and experienced some problems. Taylor and I drove Kai back home in Sumo just as the sunset after dinner.