Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today I woke up in Great Harbor, Peter Island! After eating cereal for breakfast, we started off the day early by boating to Salt Island. The counselors told us the story of the RMS Rhone wreck on the way to our destination. I was so excited to learn that we would be diving the shipwreck that day. Before the dive, the Calypso Vegas cleaned the boat and enjoyed a morning of snorkeling and swinging on a rope swing off the mast. When it came time to dive, we headed to Zourite to gear up. The dive was amazing!! We saw so many colorful fish, and we got to actually swim through the shipwreck. It was the best dive yet. When we surfaced, we headed back to Calypso to once again boat back to Great Harbor for the night. We ended the day with breakfast for dinner, which was delicious. Overall it was a great day, and I am looking forward to my last few days with my ActionQuest family.