Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

We woke up this morning in Sandy Spit, and after breakfast (oatmeal), the skippers went to a meeting about how the first race to West End was going to work. Calypso was boat three in line. The race was a quick one- only about 45 minutes- but we all had fun racing. Calypso ended up getting 5th place, but we still had fun! We docked in West End for a couple of hours, and everyone got to shop around and eat at Pusser’s, which has amazing food! The skippers went back for a second meeting to discuss the second race, which was from West End to Great Harbor, Peter Island. This race was much longer and required a lot of tacking. Calypso was boat six and struggled a little. We came in last place, but everyone had a blast sailing as well as singing along to Taylor Swift! For dinner, we had Mexican night, so we chowed down on some burritos. Finally, we had a sail chat to prepare for our upcoming sailing test. Today was a super exciting day because we finally got to race against the other boats! And even though our boat wasn’t the most successful racer, we all enjoyed the day and can’t wait for what’s to come the last few days.