Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

So many things happened today! The crew of Luna Kahuna woke up this morning at Green Cay and immediately set off for West End. We ate oatmeal underway and relaxed until we made port. Our crew enjoyed quite a bit of shore time at Soper’s Hole for second breakfast and lunch. After everyone restocked their snack shelves, we got underway to Great Harbour Peter. Divers and free divers got in the water once we were there. Someone saw a massive lobster. After the dive, we dropped our mooring ball and moved to the other side of GHP for the night. Before dinner, a couple of water sports runs were made for those who wanted to water ski, kneeboard, or wakeboard. While they were gone, David spotted a six-plus foot Manta Ray swimming by the boat. We were all instantly in the water with it, swimming so close along with it we could reach out and touch it, but we didn’t, of course. I got within a foot of it. It was so magical. Later tonight, after our delicious Mexican dinner, we are having a cake and dance party with the crew of Second Wind on our boat. I love ActionQuest!