Location: Sandy Spit, Green Cay

Abdiro! Abdiro! The crew fans each other’s eyes to confirm that his or her eyes weren’t lying. Then suddenly the clam and collected voice of Jackson says “Yeah guys, we’re having a scenario.” We immediately enacted our newfound rescue knowledge. After handling the situation with astonishing speed and level-headedness, we returned to the cockpit for a breakdown of our performance. The satisfied staff furthered each shipmate’s confidence in the realm of rescue diving. Pats on the back paired with naps to the beautiful compressor him returned as all to a tranquil state just in time for a self-lead dive at the Playgrounds. Dive three of the day. The two previous adventures, search and recovery dives resulted in the rescue of our beloved companions named 30 and 30. The identical twins love to dive, but always have the toughest time surfacing due to their extreme resemblance to a thirty-pound kettle bell. I’m sure they are grateful for our search teams and lift bag skills just as much as the crew of Catalinaville is for this beautiful island sunset. As Blake Shelton blares we all begin to look around a little differently. We absorb the idiosyncrasies of the boat and its people, realizing that in only a few short days, we return to a world where Abdiro only instills strange looks.