Location: Sandy Spit, Green Cay

When we woke up after a long night everyone was groggy, the chefs had started cooking French toast, which was really good, after breakfast we went underway and had to set up gear. It was difficult, waves rocking us all over the place, with heavy gear, but we got to dive site and saw so many awesome things when we dove: sea turtles, octopi, giant fish, and a spotted eagle ray. Then it was lunchtime. We had a meal of good ramen noodles. They were boiled to a perfect warmth, steamy and delicious. The flavor was mixed together perfectly, adding the best taste when it hit your tongue, everyone devoured it. After we went to the beach and had a lot of fun beach time, then it was dinner, franks and beans, Mike came and we had a mini lifeworks after squeeze. Great relaxing day!