Location: Sidney's, Jost van Dyke

Today was an amazing day. We started off the longest day of the camp by waking up at 6 am at Cane Garden Bay. Then we went on our 7-mile hike up to the top of Mt. Sage. Though the hike was very steep and long, it was nice to have a long time on shore, getting exercise. And the banana smoothies at the top were to die for. After we finished the hike, we went into town to eat burgers in paradise! When we finished up in Cane Garden Bay we motored over to Sandy Cay, my favorite place in the world. The amazing blue water against the bright white sand with the forest of palm trees filled with hermit crabs is something you don’t see often. Me and Lilly went on a personal hike up a small rocky path at Sandy Cay. We saw the most amazing view and we both decided it was the beautiful place we’ve ever been to. After we left that amazing beach, we motored over to Sidney’s peace and love for our third BBQ! Even though it was a long day, I enjoyed every minute of it. #MyFavDay.