Location: Sandy Spit, Green Cay

We woke up today with all of our boats rafted together. We ate a yummy breakfast of French toast. After breakfast, the shipmates waited for the staff to get back from a meeting and relaxed. When they got back, we quickly began a sailing filled day. We all caught up on our sailing tasks that we needed to complete in order to get our crew certificate. We did man overboard drills, basic sailing terms, knots, heaving to and taking turns on the main sheet. At around 2:30 we anchored at Sandy Spit for a late lunch of sandwiches. After a quick clean up we took a dinghy to the beach to hung out with other boats. After a few hours we headed back to our boat to shower and get ready for dinner. For dinner we had franks and beans and looked around at the beautiful scenery. During clean up we listed to our classy playlist and are now getting ready for a Lifeworks Forum! I cant believe that we only have 5 days left!