Location: Sandy Spit, Green Cay

Today, we woke up to Marina’s display of culinary excellence before the staff went to a meeting. While the staff was at their meeting, we ate pancakes, and as instructed, we did not burn down the boat. After we motored to our dive site, which is called “The Playgrounds.” At the Playgrounds, the Dolphins continued their research dives, and the Neptunes went on a “fun dive.” Everyone entered the water from the dinghy with a Navy style back roll. At the Playgrounds, shipmates saw eels, rays, and many colorful schools of fish. After the dive, we had Ramen noodles for lunch. After lunch, we had the option of going to the beach or diving again. Although the beach was apparently fun, nothing could match Christians’ excitement about seeing two Black Tip Sharks. Christian, Heather, and Jordan were the only ones who saw the sharks, but JC and I were with them when two beautiful Spotted Eagle Rays swam alongside us. Heather was so excited when the rays and sharks swam by us that she screamed both times. Everyone who had chosen the dive over the beach was extremely content with their decision. Although the beach was also fun. After the dive, the Dolphins continued their research projects, and the Neptunes sat on the hardtop and helped the staff sit topside and look out for buddy teams that got lost. Now after dinner, we are preparing for Lifeworks tonight and another great day tomorrow.