Location: Sandy Spit, Green Cay

Today was another fantastic day aboard our beautiful and loyal vessel Peeps Larou. Easily the hottest day of the trip, the morning was sunny right from the start when we prepared pancakes for breakfast. After breakfast, we had a brief but pleasant motor over to our dive destination for the day, the Playgrounds. This is a fantastic dive site and gave us a view of the open ocean. The first dive of the day was a research dive for the Dolphins and a fun dive for the Neptunes. This first dive was a great time to see all sorts of unique aquatic life such as eagle rays, spotted morays, and all sorts of fish. After the first dive, we had the time to relax before and after lunch. This time was spent working on projects, reading, listening to music, and soaking up the sun. Next, it was time for the second dive! In the same location, his dive was just as beautiful. The entrance to this dive was off the side of a dinghy, allowing us to practice our navy seal rolls and feel even cooler than dive gear already makes us feel. The second dive had many more chances for swim-throughs, making this dive exciting differently. After the last dive, we had beach time on a tiny island, small enough to run around in a few minutes, where we had a chance to catch up on our rock skipping. This island was also the home of land hermit crabs. Dinner was tasty as always, with food lovingly prepared by our chefs. Now it’s time for our final Lifeworks meeting, one with a story told by a staff member of our own. We looked forward to another great night in the Caribbean!