Location: Sydney's, Jost van Dyke

Often referred to as the longest day on ActionQuest, day 15 was packed with so much excitement and adventure. We began a busy day, seated in the cockpit quietly munching on cereal as we mentally prepared ourselves for the hours to come. We spent most of our morning hiking a vigorous climb to the tallest point in the Virgin Islands, Mt Sage. This hike was a total of 6 miles. While at times the amount of walking was overwhelming, we were rewarded with beautiful peaks. When I finally reached the top I was instantly in awe of the amount of colors that surrounded me. When we began our departure down from the top, we were all suddenly filled with a strong determination to find rest and food. We found this in several different restaurants that served excellent meals. Soon after our enjoyable time on port, we proceeded back to the boat and made way to Sandy Cay in which we participated in an extreme sandcastle building contest. We made a large octopus. While the winner has not been announced, we are sure that we were a force to be reckoned with. Our night will end with a BBQ at Sydney’s Peace and Love. Luckily for our staff, I am sure that we will all sleep very well tonight, considering today’s activities and all that tonight has in store for us.