Location: Cane Garden Bay, Tortola

What an eventful day! We woke up early for breakfast of oatmeal, which was eaten underway! Then, we dove once more in Muskmelon Bay. We quickly set up our equipment, did our buddy checks, and then took a giant stride into the water. About 20 minutes later, we emerged as certified divers! Now we can dive to a max depth of 40 feet, which we will hit when we dive the Rhone on day 19! On the dive, we saw Angelfish and arrow crab. It felt great to have all of our effort pay off. Afterwards we returned to our boats to relax and eat sandwiches for lunch. We were then back en route to Tortola, where we docked to refill on water and fuel. Everyone had a job in the docking process, and it was great to see us all work as a team. We watched the sun set behind the colorful houses on the hills of Tortola while eating a dinner of Thai chicken. Today marked not only our certification, but our definite bond together as a crew.