Location: Cane Garden Bay, Tortola

Today was absolutely fabulous! We started our day with a quick and easy bowl of cereal. After that, we hopping in our dinghy Lava and took a quick cruise over to Calypso to do some Pico sailing. We had a bit of a game changer in our schedule, instead of doing Picos we had a sail chat. Once sail chat was over, some of us jumped into a super dinghy for knee boarding and wakeboarding. Shout out to Julie and Paul who kicked some waves while knee boarding. Diving into our 4th open water dive, we got into the water to see some pretty amazing aquatic life. We even saw a pod of squid. We are now officially open water scuba certified! I am so happy to see all of our hard work pay off. After all that excitement we needed a lunch break. Thank you to the chefs who made some amazing deli sandwiches. After that we sailed to fuel our boat at Cane Garden Bay. Next we had a few hours to chillax. After about 2 hours, the rest of the chefs Carolina and Julie, as well as Charlie and myself started to cook dinner. It was a fun experience because we got to cook it all by ourselves. We had some success and a few troubles. It all turned out well besides making 60 servings of chicken! We also put way too much water with the chicken and there were serious jokes and puns made about drowning the chicken. Since we did our sail chat earlier tonight, we will go and watch a movie with Calypso! All together, today was a great day!