Location: Cane Garden Bay, Tortola

Today marked the conclusion of our second week here in the BVI, but also a landmark accomplishment for many at AQ. After a sail from our BBQ beach of last night, we rotated through skiing and future adventures with GXG finally to find ourselves on the dive boat. When we all surfaced safely following our dives, our crew officially gained our open water diving certification along with four more advanced open water diving certifications. With a joyous yet fatigued crew, we once again sailed with Taylor Swift blasting. At Cane Garden Bay, we practiced docking once again and gazed in awe at the highest point in the Virgin Islands towering above. The chefs, Roberto and Sebastian, wonderfully prepared our meal while dancing around the salon to more Taylor Swift. We now are preparing for the sail chats that will most likely puzzle us for the next few days, but David will clear up our lessons. With another beautiful sunset in the distance, the newfound family cleans in what is commonly referred to as “home.”