Location: Cane Garden Bay, Tortola

The day started with everyone’s favorite breakfast of oatmeal. Shortly after, while studying for the Emergency First Responder test, it started pouring. All of the guys immediately ran to the bow to have a dance party on the trampoline, while me and Peyton sat on the bow dangling our feet over the side of the boat till the very early 8am search and recovery dive started. Peyton, Hannah and I were in a group and found the torpedo almost immediately and it was so rewarding. We spent our surface interval inflating the inflatable pizza slice we found that morning and jumping off the side of the boat with it. Once the pizza slice got a little over crowded, Ethan and I had races to see who could get to the bottom of the ocean the fastest. We then had a delicious lunch of quesadillas until it was time to motor over to our second dive site, the Pinnacles. My buddy, and me Adrienne used our compasses perfectly to navigate through the dive, as it was our second dive without the staff. Finding the group of squid was so amazing! After surfacing, it was only 2pm and we were already exhausted. We al took short naps until it was time for the long anticipated EFR test. I was so nervous and taking the test in strong winds certainly didn’t help. However, we all passed, which was fantastic! I then helped Ethan; Jonathan and Jacob cook dinner while everyone else took a quick nap. Overall, it was a great day, like every day at ActionQuest, and we are all excited for the hike tomorrow!