Location: Cane Garden Bay, Tortola

We started off the day by pulling our anchor from Sommer’s Beach and motored to Brewers Bay where the Neptune’s went diving at the Pinnacles where we saw lots of marine life and swim-throughs. The swim-throughs were super cool! We got back to the boat to have lunch and then the Neptune’s were off to dive again at Shark Point where we encountered more swim-throughs and a lion fish. While the Neptune’s were diving, the dolphins went turtle tagging but didn’t end up catching one. When all of the shipmates were back on Adonis, we pulled our anchor and motored to Cane Garden Bay where we restocked on water. We ate dinner and then went through a speedy clean up with our clean up song to make sure that our boat is the b=cleanest. Later tonight all of dive side is having a movie night. The dolphins are watching a documentary on dolphins and the Neptune’s are watching a movie on marine life. Then we are going to bet to make sure we are rested up for the hike tomorrow!