Location: Sommer's Beach, Tortola

Today started with a late start of 6:45. We then set up for breakfast which consisted of scrambled eggs with a cheeky nando’s sauce and some perfectly baked blueberry muffins. We then got underway to Sommer’s beach and pumped tanks while underway, we made a quick stop at Monkey Point to do the dolphin’s 2nd research dive while the Neptune‚Äôs did a fun dive. Once we all surfaced we made our war to Sommer’s beach where we met up with the rest of dive side and hung out and played games. When we got back all the dolphins did a shark dissection. After cleaning up the shark juices, we decided to go swimming before getting ready for the beach BBQ tonight. I can’t wait to go see all my friends on the other boats but I’m even more excited for tomorrow!