Location: Cane Garden Bay, Tortola

Today was an exciting day for the whole crew. After our breakfast, we set out for our activity-filled day. We started the day with an informative video about Irving Johnson, who was a great sailor and mentor of his day. Later we set out to waterski and wakeboard in which both Gus and Pedro showed off their awesome skills. These activities were only the build up to the day’s climax; to our certification dive. Around noon all of our crew suited up for our last dive as students as we all made sure to cheer on the divemasters as they started their stress testing. Once suited up we jumped in the water and began our dive. During the dive, we saw more incredible wildlife. Such as a pair of very large butterfly fish and, according to the other group, eight stingrays! Once we finished our last underwater skills we returned to the surface to be knighted as open water divers by the inflatable safety sausage. As newly certified open water divers we set off to anchor near Mt. Sage, which we will climb tomorrow. As the day winds down, we will have one of our last sail chats and get ready for tomorrow’s adventures!