Location: Cane Garden Bay, Tortola

Today sure was eventful! We woke up early this morning to wish our shipmate Diego a happy birthday. After our celebration, we ate a breakfast of oatmeal. After breakfast, we set sail for Brewer’s Bay. While in Brewer’s Bay, the Rescues did their third search and recovery dive, the Neptunes did their second fish ID dive and the dolphins did a research project dive. After all our morning activities had been completed, we ate an absolutely delicious lunch of quesadillas and salsa. After lunch, the rescues and Neptunes had a fun dive at Shark Point while the dolphins tagged their first turtle! At 3, we motored to Cane Garden Bay. While under way, the rescues took their EFR test. Then we arrived in the beautiful Can Garden Bay and refilled our water, and shortly after, we took showers. We then ate a dinner of chicken stir-fry with a delicious birthday cake dessert. After dinner, we ended our day with the rescues taking their O2 practical and the dolphins and Neptunes have movie nights!