Location: Sommer's Beach, Tortola

We woke up to the delicious smell of poppy seed muffins and the breathtaking sight of Muskmelon Bay. Every day here is beautiful beyond words or measure, but it’s never any less surprising, and we try to be any less grateful. After breakfast, the rescue divers went over to Catalinaville to practice more Rescue diver drills and skills for the first part of the day, while the Dolphins went on a project dive, and Neptunes learned more in depth about our equipment. We took apart regulators and first stages, learned about different types of gear, and had an exciting and fun relay race, trying to set up our gear quickly while blindfolded. We all reconvened on Shazam for lunch and then headed off to the beach. The beach looked gorgeous, like something straight out of an Apple desktop photo, and we all had a lot of fun splashing in the waves together, practicing skills like throwing emergency floatation during interesting, fun games. Dolphins went back to the boat for an incredibly cool shark dissection. Everybody else then joined the dolphins on the boat to prepare for a beach BBQ tonight with all of ActionQuest, which promises to be fun and exciting, as everything is here. Shazam!