Location: Cane Garden Bay, Tortola

Today was a very eventful day. We all woke up in Sommer’s Beach and quickly motored to Muskmelon Bay. This was a very short hop and we ate breakfast on the way! Shortly after we arrived, we began activities! We watched a few sailing videos! One of the videos was about a man who sailed a large cargo sailing ship. The video was very unique and interesting. Next, we went wakeboarding and knee boarding! A lot of people did 360s on the kneeboards. It was fun to watch and do! Next came the moment we had all been waiting for… diving! Today was a big day for all of us. It was the last open water dive! We are now officially certified divers! After, we all had lunch of soup and peanut butter and jellies! After lunch, we set sail for Cane Garden Bay! This was a very relaxing sail! When we arrived, we filled our water tanks and anchored for dinner. We had Thai chicken and brown rice! Now we are sitting around watching the sunset in Cane Garden Bay. Today was truly amazing.