Location: Sommer's Beach, Tortola

All of us woke up and ate a yummy breakfast of eggs and lemon poppy seed muffins. After cleaning up the deck and getting ready for the day ahead, we did relay races in Picos AND we got to communicate through the radio. We then continued our action packed day by scuba diving in open water. Since I couldn’t participate in diving because of my ears, I helped get the gear organized and helped make lunch for Sailing Curls, which is the boat we dove off of. After a really good lunch of tuna/PB+J sandwiches, we all gathered for a sailing chat about different systems aboard the boat. Then the afternoon was spent doing watersports and sailing to Sommer’s Beach where all of ActionQuest had a BBQ. The sun was setting and after having some delicious burgers and dogs, a bunch of us took a quick swim. We are now back on our beloved boat, Lady Aubrey, listening to Latin music while taking turns showering. I cannot wait for tomorrow and really hope my ears get better soon!