Location: Sommer's Beach, Tortola

Today was a busy day (like all other rotation days). Even as I write this now we’re doing a quick turn around from our third open water dive to our second beach BBQ. We started off the day learning about ship systems with Fritz. He taught us how heads, the engine, and AC unit work. We then changed the pace a bit and headed out for watersports. Hopefully the media team got some good footage of us tearing it up. We stopped for a quick lunch and then started our highly competitive girls vs. boys Pico relay race. The girls dominated. We then left for diving. Spotted sea creatures include: lots of grouper, a baby turtle, a lobster and a freshly cracked egg (only the advanced divers). Now, after motoring over to Sommer’s Beach, we’re heading off for our beach BBQ. Even though we were a little tired from our late talks the night before, we all rallied and had a great day.