Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

What an active day! Right as we got up, Carolyn, Ashley and Fritz left us for a staff meeting and we finished making our delicious breakfast of pancakes. After the dishes were washed and syrup cleaned from the floor, those of us that are advanced sailors met up with the others to practice on the boat Ada. We practiced sailing circles, docking, and three point fixes while memorizing the points of sail and the phonetic alphabet. Somehow, we ended up talking about the connection between space and time and black holes. As I was in this group I can only relay what happened here on Bella Vita, but I heard it was awesome. After they practiced sailing circles and man overboards, they came into the anchorage, swung out the boom and made a swing with the lines to jump into the water. A boom swing! When our boat got back together, we ate chili as the sun set through the clouds. Not as peaceful was our conversation. We are in the middle of a prank war with the boat Squeakybrat; they stole all of our lids (to Pringles, PB, jelly, spices, drink mixes, syrup, etc.) so we definitely have to get them back. Now we are all in the galley talking and laughing as Hannah practices her ukulele. I can’t wait to see what has to come in the second half of our trip; pranks, dives, sails, and jokes. P.s. In case you haven’t been told our count is at this: turtles 6, dolphins 1 (I got to swim with it!)