Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

Today was a great day! We did a bunch of stuff that was so much fun. Muskmelon is a beautiful place and the water is super clear. We put the boom out and we swung from a rope to the water, we also had very funny competitions between Gabriel and our counselor Fritz to see who could climb the rope and touch the top of the boom faster. After that we got prepared and had some great food so we could get energy to do our 2nd open water dive. Diving was loads if fun we did some skills and swam around. We gout our laundry back as well. That was a highlight of the day for sure. We then got the boat all cleaned up and had dinner. For our activity of the night we had a Lifeworks with Jess, it was very interesting and fun. We learned a lot but the best part was that we got brownies! She was very nice and made us some. Tomorrow will be great!!