Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

We began our day a whole hour later than normal. After listening to The Tape last night, we were able to sleep until 7:30! Breakfast this morning was another abnormality because the staff had a meeting, so we were left to cook french toast alone. After Marina, Rachel, and Cha-Cha returned and ate their breakfast, we went underway to Flinstone’s, West Dog. Once again, we were back at Dog Islands. Both the Neptunes and Dolphins splashed in the water to go diving. It was just us, and our buddies and no one got lost. The dive was quite exciting; in the first five minutes, there was a huge turtle. After surfacing, we set sail to Guana. Unfortunately, about ten minutes in, and before we were able to get the sails up, our starboard engine broke. This was no issue, though, because of our talented staff and myself, your skipper of the day, acted fast. With all hands on deck, we got our sails up and sailed wing-on-wing, reaching our location and home for the night, Guana. Cha-Cha immediately jumped in to check the anchor line and came up in pain. With a marine biologist and the head of the dolphin program onboard, we concluded that there were diatoms in the water. AKA tiny squid looking things that poke you. And they were everywhere! After waiting for these unusual creatures to leave, we jumped in the water, snorkel gear, and all. This is the location of tonight’s night dive and our last night dive before we receive our night diver specialty. And this one we do by ourselves, just my buddy and myself. To top off this abnormally, awesome day, we get brownookies for dessert!!

Much love, MK