Location: Marina Cay

Today began with the smell of pancakes and happiness. After devouring the delicious breakfast, we headed to Cooper Island to dive the kissing shipwrecks and view the “stingray cleaning stations.” The sail was supposed to take two hours; however, with my amazing sailing skills, it only took one. We also reached “Surprises” max speed of 8.4 knots! During the dive, we saw two massive stingrays and took many pictures of the two neighboring wrecks. After the dive, we sailed to Marina Cay and got water and fuel. Then motored over to Trellis Bay and were able to stay on shore for three hours. Everyone ate lunch and shopped at many interesting shops. We then motored back over to Marina Cay and anchored here for the night. Since we are the food boat, we have been distributing food to all the other boats for a couple of hours. Tonight we have tortellini for dinner and my favorite Lifeworks forum on Marina Cay. All in all, today has been a well needed relaxing day. It’s no surprise that we are all very elated for tonight’s Lifeworks forum!

Love, Natalie