Location: Marina Cay

Today we slept in til 7:30! It felt fabulous, but it also felt like we still needed more We started off the morning with a nutritious breakfast of bagels, yogurt and cereal. We then got the boat all ready and we motored to a little island near Mountain Point to scuba dive! When we got on a mooring ball we started cleaning ALL of Lady Aubrey. We scrubbed the decks, cleaned the fridges, cleaned our cabins, and finally we cleaned the dinghies. We had lunch before that though. We got on Big Blue, the fastest dinghy in the fleet, and sped over to the dive boat. We have officially completed our second open water dive! After we completed the dive, we headed back to our boat to finish the final checklist to motor to the cutest little island ever, Marina Cay. We talked to our friends and family for a long needed time. At the store on the island, we bought ice cream and cold water- best thing ever! After an hour, we went back to our boat to eat supper. We were then shuttled back to the island for a Lifeworks forum. When we came back, we had Oreos and Pringles. We then talked until we fell asleep! It was a fab day!